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Dear customers, for suggestions and complaints contact us on phone number: 0748.130.212 or e-mail  Thank you.

Welcome to S.C. WIRAX S.R.L

          We market and supply at national level, in over 20 working places and international in the Republic of Moldavia, Hungary and Serbia a large range of new agricultural machineries, through direct import from the manufacturer.
          We sell new agricultural machineries, imported from Europe, such as  Drum mowers of different sizes, cultivators from 1.8 m and 7.8 m, Slovenian Maize harvesters SIP Tornado 40 on 1 row or 80 on 2 rows, stubble cultivators, front loaders, machineries for snow removal, disc harrow  - towed or trailed in V or in X from 1.8 m to 5-6 meters, Turkish or Hungarian sprayer from 200 litres to 2500 litres, rotary hay rakes with 1 - 2 heads or even 4 heads, balers, individual groups for milking with 1 or 2 milking heads, Fertiliser spreaders, ploughs of 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 simple plows or reversible (hydraulic or manual), manure spreader from 2 tons to 16 tons, trailers for hay gathering, trailers for cars with one ax or double ax with or without  brake system, agricultural trailers for tractors, seed drill from 19 sections to 33 sections, precision seed drills with or without hydraulic or manual precision fertilizer on 4, 6 or 8 rows for maize, beans, sunflowers and other seed types, seedlings sower on 2 or 4 manual rows, Maize silage harvester on 1 row, choppers for branches, fodders or plant debris, having a work widths between 1.1 meters and 2.3 meters, slurry tankers of different sizes.
          We are suppliers for new Belarus tractors, between 80 – 300 HP.
          We ensure spare parts and supplies for a large range of agricultural machineries and tractors.

For prices and transport details we are at your service on the following phone numbers:

  • Spare parts: 0748130210, 0754059173, 0748130208, 0748130209, 0749204004
  • Machineries and tractors: 0744843495,  0748130202, 0748130204, 0748130206, 0748130212

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